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     UPDATE (April 24, 2024) Discross is back
Apologies that Discross hadn't worked well in a very long time. The issue is fixed now. The problem is that after Michael MJD made a video on Discross, it got popular to the point where it exposed a large bottleneck in the code.

Basically it would query every Discord where the bot's in to check which Discords you're in, and that created a very large bottleneck causing it to time out. Querying Discord to check each server got ratelimited to the point that it does not connect.

Additionally, since I have retired from RiiConnect24, Discross is moved to a new server


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What is Discross?

A work-in-progress unofficial Discord relay (that acts like a client) aiming to support all platforms that support HTML. It uses webhooks and a bot so it doesn't need your user token, which would allow anyone to control your account. However, this means it only works on servers with the bot.

What platforms are supported?

Virtually anything, although you may not get all features. Platforms that are confirmed to work, to some extent:
    Discross was created by circuit10